Voyage with L’Hermione through the 18th century with the video game on PC, iPad and Android tablets.

Game for PC & tablets

L’Hermione, Age of Enlightenment is an educational game for kids and adults. Explore L'Hermione in 3D, help the Marquis de Lafayette to complete his quest, and discover through the game the age of enlightenment and the American Revolution.

Product under official licence ©Hermione-Lafayette.
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Web documentary

L'Hermione, Voyage to Freedom is a web documentary experience about the relationship between America and France, from the 18th century on.

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L’Hermione’s great voyage is a modern echo to the crossing of the Atlantic by the Marquis de Lafayette in the 18th century. Lafayette, on the order of the King of France, was on a mission to support the American insurgents in the struggle for independence.
You can re-enact this adventure through the pen of the actors of the time, written in first person by historians, published during this year’s ocean crossing.


La Flottille is a group of three companies based in Angoulême: Studio Nyx, Equilibre Games and Depuis 1977, in partnership with the association Hermione-Lafayette, the Region Poitou-Charentes, and the Canopé network.

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